Course Selections April 4, 2019

Course Selections

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WestShore Centre for Learning & Training offers a range of courses offered in a variety of formats to fit your learning style and schedule.

Scheduled courses

For those who learn best:

  • With a structured timetable
  • Under the guidance of a teacher
  • When listening and discussing in a group

Attend scheduled classes, days or evenings. Courses begin September and February and July.


Teacher instructed programs

For those who:

  • Want to graduate quickly
  • Can attend classes four or five days a week
  • Prefer a relaxed learning environment
  • Need more teacher guidance in their learning process

In the Fast Forward to Graduation Program, adults can complete graduation requirements in one semester. Students participate in exciting activities such as construction, sports, video and art projects.


Online courses

For those who:

  • Require a flexible schedule
  • Work well independently
  • Have excellent organizational skills

Students start anytime. Work on a computer at home or at WestShore Centre. Online teacher support.